Weekly Workshops

A week in SerVivo offers a range of classes and workshops; an opportunity to dive deeper through physical, mental, emotional and spirual work. Although the schedule differs from time to time, below is the basic frame.

Contact Improvisation with Jo Bruhn
Awakening the Dancer with Carlota Oliveira
Possibility Team with Bastian Fenske
Gaga with Natalia Vik
Arrábida Dance Jam
Ceramics and Glassfusing

Photo by Patrick Beleart

Contact Improvisation – from standing to flying

Contact Improvoisation is an improvised dance form which originated in 1972 in a performance by and with Steve Paxton. CI plays with the art of getting off balance and finding ways to deal with it. Like Nancy Stark Smith said:
“It is the disturbance of balance which creates movement”.

This weekly class is about playfully researching the principles and techniques of CI. We will get in touch with the space, the ground and other people present on the dance floor through learning to give weight and surrender, negociating directions and investigating the roles of leaders and followers. The point of contact between our surface and the one of others will actually decide our shared movement journeys, from the floor to higher levels.
Establishing a common vocabulary will support the gradual exploration of lifting and flying effortlessly. Momentum will be our guide, gravity our teacher.

With: Jo Bruhn
When: MOnday 19:30 h – 21:00 h
Donation: 10€
Who: All levels of experience are welcome. Drop in is always possible.
Questions? write to mail@jo-bruhn.de


Awakening the Dancer with Carlota Oliveira

Contemporary Movement could have been called “contemporary dance” but “movement” opens a wider scope of possibilities. “Contemporary” because it is Now, current, it calls for Presence.

These sessions are created for all that wish to explore their relationship with the body in motion. By exploring the possibilities of a creative, attentive, observant dancing body, a floor of opportunities opens up where we can be and express. These classes draw inspiration from contemporary dance techniques, floor work, qigong and gaga, accompanied by the facilitator’s own language and riddles. Here to create a structured, rooted, intelligent, flexible and strong body, capable of moving in space with all its potential. This is a way to co-create, dance, sweat, experience the joy and freedom of movement.

With: Carlota Oliveira
When: Tuesday 19:30 h – 21:00 h
Donation: 10€
Who: All levels of experience are welcome. Drop in is always possible.


Possibility Team

Your life can be an ongoing experiment, an extraordinary co-creation, the manifestation of what you are supposed to bring to the world. Something completely different is possible, right now. Inside of our mind-box are the stories about what we are and how the world is limiting our possibilities to exactly, this has formed the life that we have created so far. The purpose of the Possibility Team workshop is to create new possibilities for each other by gradually unleashing nonlinear group intelligence in order to transoform your life. Join to find out for yourself; you can join every week and let it empower you.

Spaceholder: Bastian Fenske
When: Wednesday 17:00 h – 19:00 h
Free Donation

Ascaf Avraham

MOVE THROUGH / dance sessions

Move through are sessions with the base in dance and movement practices such as Gaga (Ohad Naharins movement language), qigong/taiji and contemporary dance. The sessions offer a blend of these practices to give a rich toolbox that can be used in all kinds of movement classes. Move through is based on improvisation with clear guidelines from the facilitator throughout the journey. We tune in to the listening of our bodies and explore different movement qualities from that origin. We work with the present moment and awareness of the group as a whole. The class offers a creative framework to explore playfulness, research, depth, physical workout and balancing health exercises. Warmly welcome to an accepting atmosphere to bring out your inner mover! Move through – “make a passage or journey from one place to another”

** Practical **
Wednesdays at 19h30-21h
Drop in price 10 euroFacilitator: Natalia Vik

Bem vindos!

** About Natalia **
Natalia received her dance education at Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School, Denmark. She is a certified teacher of Gaga after completing her teacher training in Tel Aviv in 2012.

For the last 10 years she has shared her movement research around Europe, Brazil, Argentina and the US. Bringing movement classes to dance educations, dance companies, festivals and Gaga people classes open for the public. Natalia is also a practitioner of qigong (taijiwuxigong) and spends a lot of time in nature which is a great influence for her movement research and general curiosity/inspiration for life.


Arrábida Dance Jam

“There is a dance that only you know how to do.” ~ Gabrielle Roth

Every Thursday we awaken and explore our movement, in a space of creation. This is a place for those who want to go deeper in discovering their body, their dance, their creativity, their connection with the other and with themselves.

The class starts with a warm up / mini workshop leading into a free dance. Each facilitator brings a different approach to the class but always with the aim to deepen the expression of our body in motion.

With: Carlota Oliveira, Jo Bruhn, Lydia Müller, Natalia Vik, Pedro Paz
When: Thursday 19:00h – 22:00h
Donation: 10€ – 20€
Registration: at the door


Ceramics and Glassfusing

Come and enjoy the miracle of transforming earth into stone and glasswear. In these workshops you can (learn to) realize your ideas into clay or glass. You will work individually, supported by the group and ofcourse your guide Marjorie. Everything is possible to create here, wether its something you can use in your home or hang on a wall. You can sculpt with a concept or simply sculp your dreams.

Find out more about Marjorie at www.marjorieslooff.nl

With: Majorie Slooff
When: Every first and third Saturday of the month, 15:00 – 19:00pm (There will be no class until mid-January)
Donation: 10€ plus the materials used, which is normally around 10€ as well.
To register for a session contact info@marjorieslooff.nl