Inner Truth

A transformational weekend retreat to connect what is inside us right now.

Hello. We are Margarida and Bastian. We want to go deeper. Together with you. What is my truth in this moment? What do I feel right now? Is there numbness? What is there inside of me? Beyond all the stories and “shoulds” about myself, others, and the world: What is real right now? How can I connect with my inner truth? With my intuition? How am I connecting with others and the world?

At this intense weekend we will practice to re-connect with our inner truth and with each other. We will go to nature to slow down, open space inside of us and raise our sensitivity. We will dance to set to motion what is stuck. We will express our inner truth through arts. We will connect with our feelings and emotions and practice radical responsibility, vulnerability, and integrity.

“From Ordinary to Extraordinary” is a series of workshops and retreats towards consciousness.

Arrival: Friday 22.10.2021 between 18:00 and 19:00
End of the retreat: Sunday 18:00

Sliding scale from 200 to 300 Euros including food and basic accommodation in dormitories (for more privacy, please contact us).

Margarida Batista and Bastian Fenske (please click on the names for more information about us)