Non-profit organisation SerVivo was “born” twenty years ago when founders Margarida Batista and Carlos Fairfield, respectively an engineer and sales representative at the time, made the heartfelt decision to no longer sit on the side lines of life complaining, but instead decided to take a stand for what they believed the world needed.

They envisioned a space where people could come together to experience the healing power of dance, creativity, and family. A space that would cater to a broad range of demographics—young and old, alternative and mainstream, national and international. A space where creative professionals could blossom and develop their work and skillset to venture into the world with renewed direction and confidence.

In short, Margarida and Carlos envisioned a project that would inspire and assist people to develop their potential to live a connected, joyful, and love-filled life.

Today, more than five thousand people have visited SerVivo at its present location, aptly situated in an ancient valley in the potent and healing Arrábida National Park. Offering activities across a wide range of fields related to art and healing (dance, conscious connection with nature, silent retreats, body work, emotional work, wholesome communication, and many other forms of holistic spiritual and personal development), the project enjoys popularity both locally and internationally, having received visitors from all over the globe.

Countless co-livers, volunteers, and guests have each in their own way planted their seeds at SerVivo, helping the project to grow and flourish while working on, developing, and healing themselves. Numerous creative professionals have used the space to conduct their labs, to co-create and collaborate together, to experiment and grow.

In the past eight years, the project has, through a range of programs set up specifically for a younger demographic, enriched the lives of more than eight thousand children. Five years ago, SerVivo registered as a Cultural Association for Personal Development, and recently, we have created the Cooperative SVDH (SerVivo Desenvolvimento Humano), thereby creating the legal framework for its valuable societal work.

For the future SerVivo envisions to create a stronger network in the neighborhood. Working with olderly people and creating events especially for locals. A dance education, planting a lot of trees and founding a theatre- and a dance company are further plans for the near future.