Contact Time @ SerVivo #1

May 3rd – 8th 2022

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Despite our efforts to learn Portuguese and due to the linguistic diversity of guests visiting SerVivo, international English will be used to teach during Contact Time. The webpage and descriptions are therefore all in English. Thanks for your understanding and let’s blend languages and cultures once together.

Apesar dos nossos esforços para aprender português e devido à diversidade linguística dos convidados que visitam o SerVivo, o inglês internacional será utilizado para ensinar durante o Tempo de Contacto. A página web e as descrições estão, portanto, todas em inglês. Obrigado pela vossa compreensão e vamos misturar línguas e culturas uma vez juntos.

Movement. Everything is moving.
Impermanence. A lot of us learned some lessons about it in the past year.
Touch and dance. It became something not all of us can take for granted any more.
Joy. We feel joyful to invite you to Contact Time!

Join us for 5 days of Contact Improvisation practice, movement research and somatic exploration in workshops and jams.
Contact Time is a dance dedicated festival that was born in the countryside south of Berlin in 2016. Now it´s taking place in Portugal, near Lisbon. We will experience movement improvisation in the newly renovated studio of SerVivo, the beach and the landscape of Arrábida Nature Park around SerVivo.
There will be time for moving and contemplating, observing and listening with our body-mind-souls.
It will be friendly, focused, energizing and exciting in a group of approx. 30 people.
The festival is open for all levels of experience. The night before the festival starts there will be a beginner’s class at 7:30pm. Feel free to join to get back into your CI dancing body.
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Planned workshops and labs, this might change!

Angela-Mara Florant & Jennie ZimmermannListening with the body

A 3 days intensive.
Every day we shall start with a somatic practice to focus on the deeper level of the skeleton. We shall track our bones, shake them, play with movement, use anatomic pictures, visualization and perception tools.
The skeleton is our basic support when we move, providing us with structure and shape.
How can we use our bones in the dance? How do we create form and open to subtle encounters and playful forms of contact improvisation?
How do we shape the space as a group, what story do we make up, how do we perceive composition?
We are excited to embark with you on a journey of embodied anatomy, Contact Improvisation and scores which offer a diverse range to meet yourself and others in the moment and the dance.

Aude FondardContactin’ Nature

This workshop or “Lab” intends to be very simple and immersive. Elemental and wholehearted. Everyone will sense ways of approaching nature and landscape. From hugging a tree to embodying its solid fluidity. From smelling local plants and flowers to letting the scent move our universal body and guide it into a dance. These are just examples. Everyone will find for themselves. In the end, we will explore rhizome-like connection between species, and human beings reliance on their environment.

Aude FondardThe Spirit of the Place

This workshop will be morphed by the existence of the initial dwellers of Arrábida Natural Park and Palmela’s area. A silent and contemplative walk will take us to the top of the Louro hill where the excavated ruins of the castro de Chibanes stand still. 
You will be invited, through specific movement tasks, to dig into time and space, zoom in and out of the composition and dive into your different layers.
We will finish with a collective improvisation honouring the beings who toiled on the hill, connecting dance and archaeology. 

Jo BruhnFlying effortlessly

How can I weave a jump or lift into my dance without effort?
How can I use principles without following too strict a form?
How can I lift or be lifted by mutual agreement?
In this workshop we will easily explore some flying facets of Contact Improvisation. About reading the partners and the moment when the lift can happen together. In this way we create forms and play with them in improvisation.

​Supportive dancers:

Carlota Oliveira

Natalia Vik


To cover all of our costs we ask a donation of 320 – 280 depending on how much you can pay.
This includes food, accommodation, workshops and a trip to the beach.
If you would like to come earlier, for instance for the beginner’s class on Wednesday night, please contact us.
If you have serious financial problems, feel free to talk with us.


Yentl, our wonderful cook, will prepare delicious vegan and vegetarian meals from (mostly) organic and locally sourced ingredients.


The festival starts on Tuesday May 3rd at 5pm. We invite you to arrive earlier (from noon) so that you can rest and take your time to land in SerVivo.
If you come from abroad you might need to fly to Portugal a few days before the festival since prices vary a lot. This could be an opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Lisbon. Or you can come directly to SerVivo. The day before the festival, on Wednesday, Jo offers a CI beginner’s class.
If you are planning to come before May 3rd, please contact us.


All rules and regulations change constantly. We will observe how it further develops and consider if changes are needed on our side. We might ask everyone to do a quick test before or provide it on arrival.


You are welcome to bring your own tent, sleeping bag and mat and camp outside.
If you would like to sleep in the house, we can offer you a space in a dormitory (bunk beds for 6-8 people per room).

Bring your own

  • comfortable clothes for movement in- and outdoors
  • sun protection
  • mosquito repellent
  • swimming suit and towel for the beach
  • bottle for drinking water
  • torch
  • warm cloth, we never know…


Register here.
After having sent the registration form you will receive an email with the bank details to pay a deposit of 50€. Should you cancel until two weeks before the festival (which we do not hope, of course), we will transfer you 40€ back. Should you cancel later, we keep the deposit.


Send us an email:

Timetable (it will change, but you can already get an idea how it will look)